Bad day Daniel Powter with lyrics on screen-fleursqueen

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23 Responses to “Bad day Daniel Powter with lyrics on screen-fleursqueen”

  1. Princess80962 Says:

    funny im listening to this and i had a good night but boring day
    actully i did have a bad day cuz….
    STUPID 49ers!!!!!!! WAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XC

  2. Cheri Johnson Says:

    This is better than the first one I viewed with lyrics! Thanks I’ve had this song stuck in my head since the first time I heard it at my job and it helps me through my bad days at work!

  3. mnbangkok Says:

    i will love it many more if your lyrics is small and on the bottom.

  4. megarat9000 Says:

    for god remove all that comment and publicity u ruined the video ill never subscrive so!

  5. Klaudia Tatar Says:

    bad lyrics….

  6. makil44 Says:

    the best part is from 00:00 to 3:58

  7. Kim Hartman Says:

    Excellent work~

  8. Kim Hartman Says:

    Excellent work~

  9. Kim Hartman Says:

    Excellent work–

  10. fleursqueen Says:

    thanks hope u dont have to many bruises XD

  11. fleursqueen Says:


  12. Angel Acuña Says:

    Buen video el de Daniel powter.. Verdad…??!!

  13. Angel Acuña Says:

    Buen videooooooooo….

  14. fleursqueen Says:

    I know how it feels

  15. Choong Zheng Yang Says:

    This really rocks!! I am having a bad day… =)

  16. rafavrilBlackstar Says:

    i realy like you video rate 5/5 one of the best songs

  17. thebnjshow1 Says:

    i love it i play when i have a bad day

  18. boojiuTzZa Says:

    if you want listen a good melody write at youtube parazitii-bad joke…:X:X:X

  19. XxleojxX Says:

    Love it!

  20. Rentlvr10 Says:

    great song

  21. fleursqueen Says:

    heyy great to hear you like it, sorry about your bad day hope it gets better =/

  22. ShadowBlitz007 Says:

    i love this video because i haveing a bad day

  23. fleursqueen Says:

    thanks for comenting not many peps do that lol